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It’s my desire to inspire and empower others by providing a holistic and personalized approach to their lifestyle challenges. I believe the majority of the body’s ailments are related to nutritional imbalances, lack of exercise and life stressors. My services allow clients to explore wellness approaches, to assist them on their unique wellness journey.  The solution to obtaining wellness is as individualized as the person.


When dis-ease sets into our body, that’s when we as human beings respond to the wake up call.  It’s at this juncture where we take the time to listen to the inner voice that’s been alerting us all along.  Healing one’s self is a complex process, which involves examining current lifestyle patterns, mindset and soul purpose. We provide a safe place for our clients to explore the source of their dis-ease in an honest and transparent atmosphere.


We want to live a vibrant life, so we strive to either look better, feel better or have more energy. 

These are important components to living a vibrant life.  Having more energy allows one to execute their life mission. Each person has an inner desire to have purpose and to make a positive difference in this world. Feeling better allows one to live in an upbeat manner and to uplift other people. Lastly, to look better is a measurable external status.


Why the name Salve? Salve is an ointment used on wounds to protect and heal. The word Salve comes from the Latin verb salvere (to be well, to be in good health!). Our aim is to educate and provide additional tools to add to your wellness toolbox. 

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