Too much of anything is just as detrimental to your health as too little.  Generally, we focus on the deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. The trend is to take supplements to address body ailments we are experiencing to alleviate the symptoms.  We believe taking a supplement will resolve the issue. Resulting in us blindly ingesting supplements that may cause an overnutrition because we have not identified the deficiency or imbalance.  Overnutrition means the scale tips from being balanced to unbalanced toward the side of excess. We may resolve one issue, only to cause another. 


Let’s take a look at calcium, one of  the most abundant minerals within the body. The mineral moves in and out of our bones and circulates in the blood depending on the level available within our body.  When the level is low, the mineral is pulled out of the bones to circulate within the blood to support the heart.  On the contrary, too much causes the mineral to either be excreted or deposited within the body. If it is deposited, symptoms such as hardening of the arteries, stiffening of the joints, bone spurs or irregular heart beat are presented. 


Calcium is a constricting mineral, while magnesium relaxes.  This antagonist relationship causes a dance between the two minerals, an excess in calcium results in a deficiency in magnesium. 


Schedule an appointment today to find out which mineral deficiencies you may have prior to wasting money purchasing supplements your body does not need. 

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