A couple of success stories from Salve clients who followed the Wellbeing Plan and put in the work. Book your appointment today so together we can work on creating your success story.

I absolutely recommend Dawn Hinds’ Salve LLC Fitness & Nutrition. I’ve had first-hand experience and I’m extremely pleased with my results.  Dawn approaches her business with honesty and professionalism; she deeply cares about her clients and works alongside them to achieve their personal goals and success. She is a certified consultant and is well-versed in her area of expertise. I believe everyone would greatly benefit from her highly specialized services!

/// R. Duncan

I have been working with Dawn for three weeks and her guidance and education on nutrition and understanding better eating habits have helped me feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. The food scan at our first visit has been very beneficial.

/// Kimberly Albertson

Dawn Hinds is a thoughtful and compassionate practitioner that listened intently and prepared a very practical and thorough plan I could follow with ease. She took into account my specific needs and life circumstances. She was diligent to follow up and address any challenges I was experiencing and provide suggestions that were very helpful. It is evident that she cares and wants her clients to be successful! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to meet their nutrition and exercise goals using a holistic approach. 

/// April Novoa

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