What is

The WellBeing Plan?

What sets Salve apart from other holistic practitioners.  Salve was created to assist people reach their wellness nutritional and fitness goals by offering alternative solutions. 

Our solution is a simple 4 step process, however, it requires consistent effort and commitment on your part, which are the secret ingredients to a successful outcome. 


  1. Information Gathering and Assessment - Provide information on the current state of your well-being by reviewing and filling out the client intake form, in conjunction with receiving an 1 hour consultation. The consultation allows us to determine which services would best suit your needs.

  2. Design Food and Fitness Recommendation - This step allows us to examine your current food and exercise routine. The areas of improvement and the cause for inconsistency.

  3. Review Action Plan - It’s time to be honest and transparent about what changes you’re willing to implement to improve your overall well-being.

  4. Accountability Weekly Progress Report This allows us to review the progress made during the week and make adjustments to your plan.


If you follow the Well-Being protocol you can obtain a better you through fitness and food. Book your appointment today.